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Do you trade goods with other EU Member States?

Make sure your company is operating in compliance with the law. Take advantage of our professional Intrastat service, where we will be regularly responsible for:

  • receipt of necessary documents,
  • preparation of Intrastat declarations,
  • sending them to the relevant institutions.

Trust the almost 20 years of experience in providing services to entrepreneurs from all over Poland.

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Why us? Advantages of our Intrastat service.

Discover the key benefits of working with our tax law firm. With the knowledge, skills and professionalism of experienced professionals, your company can count on:

Minimal involvement on your partCompetent team of expertsAt your fingertipsPersonalised service offering
You can send the documents necessary to create and submit the declaration as you like: by email, fax, post or even in person.Up to 120+ advisors are at your disposal to not only handle your Intrastat declarations, but also provide ongoing accounting and tax advice.If you value live meetings – we look forward to meeting you at our offices in Łódź and Warsaw. If not – remember that you can also arrange everything 100% remotely.Our tax law firm is more than just Intrastat support. You will find a broad package of services for Polish entrepreneurs.

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Step-by-step handling of Intrastat declarations. What you get as part of our services

We will provide you with all the support needed to…

  • Be assured of correctly drafted and properly submitted documentation As part of our service, we will take care of absolutely everything necessary for this type of declaration. We will be responsible for the collection of documents, their analysis and then the preparation and submission of the Intrastat declarations themselves.
  • Relieve the burden on your employees and save up to 10 man-hours per month Does your company have its own accounting department? Our support will be a real relief to them and will contribute to saving thousands of zlotys every month.
  • You will operate in compliance with the law. We keep abreast of all changes and updates to give you confidence that your company is fully complying with its obligations.

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How do you start working with us?

Handling Intrastat declarations in 3 easy steps.

1. Contact2. Offer3. Cooperation
Go to contact and schedule an interview. We will get to know the specifics of your organisation and its needs.We will check all information in detail. Then, based on these, we will create and present you with a tailored proposal for cooperation.If you accept it – we will take care of the regular service for your company in the area of preparing and submitting Intrastat declarations.

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Delegate the handling of Intrastat declarations to experienced specialists

Choose a convenient form of contact to talk to the experts and find out the necessary details of the cooperation.

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Intrastat declarations – questions and answers

Intrastat – what is it?

Intrastat is a dedicated European statistical system that has been created to aggregate inspiration on goods that enter individual EU countries and those that leave (while still remaining within EU borders). It includes assortment that is not subject to customs declarations. It was implemented in Europe in 1993, while in our country it has been used continuously since 2004.

Who has the obligation to submit Intrastat declarations?

The obligation to submit declarations (so-called Intrastat declarations) applies to a specific group of entities. Whether your company qualifies depends on factors such as:

  • You trade in goods with other EU countries.
  • Whether your business is registered for VAT in Poland.
  • The value of your import or export turnover in the previous year has reached a certain limit (information as to specific amounts is determined and published by the President of the CSO – for a given reporting year).

What is the deadline for submitting Intrastat declarations?

The declaration deadlines vary for selected EU countries. In Poland, this type of documentation must be submitted by the 10th day of the month.

What thresholds apply to Intrastat?

Such diversity also applies to so-called thresholds. There are two within the system, which are respectively:

  • The basic threshold for exports, which in Poland is PLN 2,800,000.
  • The basic threshold for imports, which in our country is PLN 6,200,000.

The system uses another division into so-called specific thresholds. Their value in Poland is PLN 103,000,000 and PLN 150,000,000 respectively. How do they differ from the basic ones? What makes the difference is the complexity and amount of the data that the selected companies have to transfer to the system.

  • If your company achieves the basic threshold but does not exceed the detailed threshold – then it does not have to complete all fields in the declaration. Among others, codes for mode of transport or statistical value are exempted. In total, you have 18 fields to fill.
  • However, if you manage to exceed the prescribed thresholds – you must complete the whole, i.e. a total of 22 fields in the Intrastat declaration.

How to submit such a declaration?

Relevant declarations can be submitted via a dedicated IT system. The process requires 3 steps, which are detailed on this page: Such a service is completely free of charge.

How much does Intrastat declaration handling cost?

The prices of our services depend on the specifics of your business, the volume and value of your goods and, consequently, the thresholds themselves. If you would like an accurate cost estimate – please contact us.