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For the past 20 years, we have specialized in e-commerce accounting, providing professional accounting support to Polish companies selling internationally by mail order using the Amazon platform.

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Why is it the right choice? Advantages of Amazon accounting.

See the benefits of choosing our accounting office to handle your company’s bookkeeping.

Comprehensive accounting supportAn experienced team100% remote operationPersonalised offer
Advisory services, control of financial flows, record-keeping and settlements. As many as 120+ experts with comprehensive knowledge of Amazon accounting and beyond. You don’t have to waste time commuting or making appointments. We will handle everything online or by telephone. You will receive a service that is fully tailored to the industry, area and specific characteristics of your business.

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How does accounting work on the Amazon platform?

Expanding product sales to new overseas markets via the Amazon platform requires a change in the approach to accounting. It is worth knowing that this site offers the possibility to operate using 2 main models (distance selling – with shipping from Poland, and FBA – with shipping via Amazon’s special warehouses). However, it is in no way responsible for individual tax settlements (VAT and income tax), as well as customs duties. These responsibilities are fully incumbent on the companies.

As part of our support, you will receive comprehensive accounting assistance that will allow you to fully leverage the potential of international online sales.

  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate settlement form and monitoring mail order limits for individual countries.
  • Verification of compliance with the laws applicable in selected countries regarding operations and settlements.
  • Regular accounting services, including VAT and income tax settlements, customs duties, filing returns, document management and archiving, and more.
  • Representation of your interests before foreign tax authorities.

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What do you gain with Amazon accounting services?

  • You will regain valuable time and always stay up to date

    Tax law is changing very dynamically not only in Poland but also abroad. With us, you don’t have to worry about that. The EFEKTA team of experts keeps track of amendments and updates to give you the assurance that all your operations and settlements comply with current regulations. This applies not only in Poland but also in other countries where you conduct mail order sales.

  • You will save money and ensure safety

    Proper accounting for Amazon sales will allow you to optimize costs. It is definitely a much more beneficial option than hiring an experienced specialist in this type of accounting. However, most importantly, it will help you avoid serious legal and financial consequences that companies face when they do not meet specific legal requirements.

  • You will grow your business and gain a competitive edge

    Outsourcing your accounting will allow you to focus all your energy on running your online business. This, in turn, will contribute to its growth and increase your profits.

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How do I begin cooperation with the accounting office (Amazon)?

You will get everything sorted in 3 simple steps.

1. Contact – Use the contact form to arrange a consultation during which we will get to know the specifics of your business. 2. Offer – We will carefully analyse all the information to prepare and present you with a fully tailored offer for cooperation on the basis of this information. 3. Cooperation – If our proposal meets your expectations, make the decision to get started and entrust handling of your company’s accounting to us.

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Choose Amazon accounting services – provided directly by a professional accounting office

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What is worth knowing about Amazon?

It can be said that Amazon in Poland has, in a way, revolutionized the world of e-commerce and is becoming increasingly popular every year. This platform offers tremendous opportunities for growth, both for companies that are manufacturers of the products they sell and for resellers. Working with marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay can successfully complement or even replace running your own online shop. By working with them, companies can offer their goods to foreign customers without having to worry about logistics and warehouses.

It is worth knowing that Amazon offers the option to operate within 2 main models: the Amazon FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant) or FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) models.

In the first model – Amazon FBM – it is the seller who is fully responsible for all sales and logistics processes: stocking the goods, taking orders, shipping the goods, and handling returns and complaints.

The second model – Amazon FBA – involves Amazon handling the entire process, from warehousing to distribution and returns.

However, it is important to note that in neither of the above models is Amazon responsible for individual tax settlements (VAT and income tax), as well as customs duties. These responsibilities fully lie with the companies themselves.

Managing e-commerce accounting for this type of service involves handling a large number of transactions. Additionally, there are specific legal situations (e.g., mail order sales abroad to private individuals exceeding a certain threshold) in which the entrepreneur must register for VAT in the respective country (EU VAT registration) and submit periodic tax returns to the local tax office. In such cases, accounting for sales conducted through Amazon involves complying with complex regulations not only in Poland but also with the distinct regulations of each country to which the goods are exported.