ACCOUNT BOOKS: FROM PLN 450/month (net):

  • keeping economic event registry in account books;
  • keeping VAT registry and preparing VAT forms;
  • keeping fixed asset and equipment registry;
  • preparing required printouts of books and registries;
  • calculating payable VAT, PIT and CIT taxes;
  • preparing and submitting tax returns on behalf of the Client: PIT, CIT, VAT, VAT-UE;
  • preparing annual tax returns;
  • ongoing audit of liabilities and receivables related to balance confirmation;
  • preparing documents concerning the confirmation of counterparties’ balances;
  • preparing annual financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss account);
  • preparing accounting policies;
  • upon the Client’s request, keeping accounting documentation throughout a given fiscal year;
  • verification of integrity and accounting;
  • keeping foreign transaction accounts (export, import, EU);
  • preparing obligatory statistical statements for Statistics Poland (GUS).

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